Tomaž Druml

©by Filip Gallob

From professional Sports to Photography

Being outside has always been my passion. Whether it was cross-country skiing in the cold northern forests of Finland, or cycling through the endless mountains of the Austrian alps. As a professional nordic -combined skier, I spent most of my life training outside and travelling the world while competing for the victory amongst the best in the world.

My career as an endurance athlete came to an abrupt halt due to cardiac arrhythmias. I was forced to rediscover life outside the „sportsman bubble“. So I was searching for a new profession after leaving a dream-life as a sportsman, full of physical, mental and geographical movement. Although I managed to finish a bachelors degree in environmental science, I never saw myself as an office hero. I found out that my second passion, the camera, had the potential for me to regain a life full of outdoor activities, interesting destinations and new challenges. So I decided to take my camera, go outside and start creating.

Now I’m working as a fulltime freelance photographer and videographer.

Let’s get creative together. Send me a message and I’ll reach out to you.

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